Top 5 ways To Find An Austin Apartment

top 5 ways to find an austin apartment
What are a few ways to find an Austin apartment? It seems like there are so many locator sites, listings, and scams when it comes to Austin apartment rentals. Being familiar with all of these issues, I’ve boiled it down to the top 5 ways to find a Austin apartment.

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1.  (Not biased at all)

Using a locator is the best possible way to go about finding an apartment in Austin. I’m a licensed Realtor® and have been in the business for years. I’m familiar with various types of Austin apartments, rentals, management companies, and I use this blog as sort of a portfolio for my experience. Keep in mind I have toured way more properties than I post…keeping this blog updated is a job of it’s own.

As a Realtor®/ locator I can:
.Email you all of the apartment specials in Austin
.Create a personalized list of apartments/town-homes/condos
.Try negotiating a lower rent/get you the best deal possible
.Ensure the apartments do not take advantage of you

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2. Austin Board of Realtors® / HAR

If you’re not going to use me, fine, at least use HAR. Everyone there who lists a property has signed a legal contract with the property’s owner. The contract is regulated by TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) and the Realtor® has a sponsoring broker who is legally responsible for the agent’s actions. There’s no funny business if you use HAR.Houston apartment for rent3. Wandering the streets hunting down “For Rent” signs.

This is a legitimate options for small, older, lease by owner, hole in the wall apartment complexes in Austin. Often times you can find a bargain. But you may run into problems like these.

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4. Zillow / Trulia

Major real estate listing sites like these aren’t bad…they have “lease by owner” listings which is a nice feature. BUT they pull all of their listings from HAR & (except the lease by owner listings.) AND they keep listings up that have already been leased months ago…maybe they do this to bolster their listings sections and trick you into using their site. I don’t know, but it’s annoying. It’s much easier and less confusing to just stick with HAR.


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5. Craigslist

“Never use craigslist” is not what I’m going to say. Craigslist is good for those who have to use it. Either the renter’s price range is low, looking to just rent a room, or maybe looking for a good bargain (like trying to find a sublet). However, if you’re looking for a new luxury Austin apartment rental, or a nice luxury condo, I would stay away from Craigs. There are lot’s of scams. And I’ve seen them, some “realtor” will post an awesome 1500sqft loft in downtown Austin for $800…and that’s just not going to happen. No way that’s a legitimate rate for a property like that. How they actually scam you, I’m not 100% sure. I’ve heard they can steal your deposit, application fee, credit card/personal info, etc. Don’t let that happen to you.

Instead, use my free Austin apartment finding page on the blog and save yourself the hassle, the time, worry, and I even give you a nice $200 rebate, because I believe “you get what you give”.

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