Austin Loft Style Apartments

Houston loft apartment

If you’ve decide to pursue an Austin rental that’s more unique than your standard luxury mid-rise, a loft style apartment may be right for you. After personally touring countless apartments, I’ve realized that Austin is flooded with  luxury rental properties, developed by the same group of builders, and all (more or less) feel the same. If you’re wanting a more urban, industrial, chic home with a distinct style, you may want to check out a few Austin loft style properties.

What is a loft style apartment?

Loft apartments are generally older commercial buildings that have been converted and renovated into residential homes. Typically retaining features of the former industrial building like high ceilings, exposed brick, air-ducts, cement floors, and piping.

loft cement

High cement ceilings with exposed pipes and air-duct.

The types of Austin Lofts

There are multiple styles of loft apartments. I’d say the most common loft styles in Austin are “Warehouse Style“, the more industrial and raw looking lofts. The other being a “Modern Loft“, which is a luxury apartment that incorporates certain features of the warehouse loft, without going all the way.

Example of a Warehouse Loft:
dsc_0096This is a 1 bedroom home showcases brick walls, stained concrete floors, air ducts, and high ceilings. Originally built in 1910, this building served as Nabisco’s southwest regional offices and baking facility. It’s been renovated into one of Houston’s oldest loft properties.

Example of a “Modern Loft”:
modern loft
This is a good example of a modern loft. It’s actually more lofty than most of the faux lofts I have seen in Austin. This one has stained concrete floors and the exposed air duct. When you tour one of these modern lofts you can easily tell that this was never an industrial building, but rather a luxury mid-rise apartment complex designed with some edge to it.

Houston High Rise loft

If you need help finding the perfect Austin loft apartment, feel free to contact me here. Lofts are my favorite type of property and I’d be happy to send you a list of Austin loft apartments and their current move in specials!

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