Austin Apartment Locators – How It Works

Austin apartment locators

If you’re looking for an apartment in Austin, I highly suggest you use a Austin apartment locator. Finding an apartment in Austin can be exhausting on your own. What are the pros and cons of Austin apartment locators? How do we work? How the heck is our service free? Let me explain

1. How using a Austin Apartment Locator works 

Easy! Send me your specific criteria on the blogs Free Austin Apartment Finding Page. I use your criteria to generate a list of apartments that meets your exact needs (Realtors® have access to certain apartment-data sites.) These sites are updated daily by the apartment communities themselves. They post their rates, unit sizes, and their current apartment specials. You couldn’t find all of Austin’s apartment specials on Google! The list will look something like this:

Austin Apartment Locator

A little old school looking…but the list will have every single Austin Apartment Special in the area!

2. How Are Austin Apartment Locators Paid?

Austin apartment complexes have a marketing budget. It includes things like email spamming, newspaper ads, sign-spinners, and compensating Austin apartment locators. This means that our compensation does not affect your rental rates. Your rent will not be higher or lower if you use me to find your next apartment home. Apartment communities pay out locators if and only if  we are listed on the apartments application form. So yes, my service is totally free to you. The referral part of the apartment application should look like this:

Houston Apartment Locator

From my point of view (and I may be biased) you have absolutely nothing to lose (and a lot to gain!) when using an Austin apartment locator. In fact, if you use me I’ll even give you a $200 visa gift card as a thank you. My service is free, you get a list of all of Austin’s apartment specials, and I toss in a little bonus. Using an apartment locator is the best way to go about finding an Austin apartment.

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