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Fancy Austin Apartments is a blog documenting properties that I visit with my clients. The goal is to provide useful feedback and information on the properties for those who are interested in what the apartment market is like in Austin, Texas.

I’m a licensed Realtor in Texas practicing real estate as I attend University part time. My apartment locating work started in 2014 by helping ExxonMobil employees relocate from their headquarters in Virginia down into Texas. Knowing the city plays a large part in the relocation market as I am dealing with transplants who have never set foot in our state. Many of the employees are young professionals who were inclined to live a social life within the confines of the city rather than spending their afternoons in the suburbs. I began locating apartments for clients in the well known and social areas of the city. And as my clientele expanded to doctors, students, etc. had to start learning all the different areas of town. Now I am learning the city to get a stronger sense of what the rental market is like here in Austin.